Tournament Parfum de Rugby


VIIIth International Veteran Tournament

“Parfum de Rugby”

Trophée-PR-180x180 In 2017… Trophée-FP-180x180
The “Parfum de Rugby” Trophy

To take place at

Stade de La Bastide

Châteauneuf-Grasse, France

The Fairplay Challenge
The Program
Hall of Fame

The Parfum de Rugby tournament is open to all team of rugby veterans, from French or internationally, that wish to enjoy a week-end based on traditional rugby values.

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The tournament will take place in an outstanding location in the hills surrounding Grasse, a location renowned for its beautiful scenery, warm climate and as the global capital of the perfume industry. Grasse also has a proud heritage of over 50 year of rugby which is only 10 years less than the age of our hairy arse president (please, note that the author of this last sentence has been fired and sent back to England…).
Two groups of 5 teams (or 3 groups of 4 teams depending on the number or participants) will complete in a series of mini-matches that will last for 10-15 minutes. Each team of 12 players will play all the other teams in its group on a half-length of a full rugby pitch. The tournament will take place strictly under the rules outlined by UFAR, the French rugby veterans governing body.

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As a popular travel destination, the French Côte d’Azur in the Spring will offer you a personal experience far removed from the clichés of the over-crowded high tourist season.
You can benefit from numerous quaint medieval villages and country walking trails or alternatively you can stretch your legs along nearby coastal walks. All kinds of sporting or cultural activities will be at your door step: Visit Grasse and its renowned perfumeries, take short boat ride to the Lerins islands facing Cannes, climb to Gourdon village to experience breath taking panoramic views of the Côte d’Azur coastline, visit Monaco with its palace, shops and casino etc. …

The Parfum de Rugby provides the perfect opportunity for you visit our beautiful region!

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The Program Parfum de Rugby 2017:

  • Coming soon…


Your inscription is mandatory in order to participate in this popular tournament. Please send us:

  1. The name and address of your team
  2. The name and contact information (email + telephone) of the person representing your team
  3. The number of participants to the tournament (outlining the number of player and other member of your group that will accompany them)
  4. The number of attendees to the gala dinner
  5. A check or deposit of 200 € (made to the order of Rubytourist)

Fees (coming soon)

..,.. € per person participating only to the tournament (includes breakfast and lunch)

..,.. € per person for the gala dinner

To provisionally register please complete form below.


If you wish to have a min-break combined with the Parfum de Rugby? then please complete the following form including:

  • The full name and contact details (email and telephone) of you representative
  • The number of people concerned
  • The type of accommodation you are looking for
  • Your planned arrival and departure date

We will then put you in contact with experts that can help you to manage your stay

The Parfum de Rugby Hall of Fame

2017 – You never have been so close to it : Registrate !  🙂 🙂

2016 – Les Farios from l’Isle sur la Sorgue

2015 – Les Rosés de l’Ovale from Brignoles

2014 – Les Caméléons from Saint-Laurent du Var

2013 – RCSA Antibes

2012 – Les Farios from l’Isle sur la Sorgue

2011 – Tourrette sur Loup

2010 – Les Caméléons from Saint-Laurent du Var

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2 réponses à Tournament Parfum de Rugby

  1. Cap'tain Ronchon dit :

    sorry Pat, erreur de frappe dans la date du tournoi rosbeef ! Déjà ou heureusement qu’ils n’ont pas passé les 1/4 ! Bises à tous

  2. Cap'tain Ronchon dit :

    sorry Pat, erreur de frappe dans la date du tournoi rosbeef ! Déjà ou heureusement qu’ils n’ont pas passé les 1/4 ! Bises à tous

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